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Overall, PCT days has been incredible. It felt so awesome & liberating to be with my tribe. Everyone is so unique & I hold each one so close to my heart. The hiking community reminds me so much of my community in Hawaii. It seems most everyone here comes with a story & brings it to the trail to “walk it off”. It is true beauty to watch the way a person changes before your eyes as they grow into a better version of themselves.
I walked The Bridge of the Gods with Quadzilla before I got picked up by Paul. It is a ritual every time I visit this area. I reminisce the way it felt leaving Oregon & crossing into Washington on the PCT in ‘19. At that point I had walked over 2,000 miles & it was one of the moments I felt like a true Warrior Woman. I feel that way every time I cross it now. I could feel how much stronger I have become as a person & how deeply I have connected to God. I feel so fucking powerful in mySelf yet extraordinarily humbled by the gifts the trail has provided me. Walking has truly changed my life in ways that I have not deemed possible.