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MM 525.1: I flashed a bunch of cars that drove by to add some excitement to our road walk. Adam said that when our time came to part ways, all that would be left is the “legend of Freyja”. I think it’s so cute how people assume I won’t ever see them again. I am a wanderer, but shit, if I had a good time I will most definitely see you again.
We walked on the overpass and got a bunch of cars to honk for us; made us feel as though we already made it to Canada. 😂 A few miles before town, a sweet lady picked us up and told us of a homeless shelter nearby. Adam and I made eye contact with a soft giggle and I thanked her for letting us know.
She dropped us off at Lotaburger and a family let us cut in front of them because they said it looked as though we went through some shit to get to the burger joint. 😂 They conversed with us and asked us about our travels. One of them said he loved what we were doing and gave us some money to help us along our travels. ❤️
I said my goodbyes to Adam and started my hitch towards the airport. I got picked up by two guys named Steve and Dave. They were driving their Mercedes van down Route 66 to check it off their bucket list. Dave was also a fellow traveler, backpacker and bikepacker. They gifted me fruits/snacks and joked about food being the only thing us hikers ever fantasize about. Couldn’t argue with that. 😂
Quinn called me as I was at the airport attempting to squeeze my body under the armchairs of the seats and I started laughing at myself. She goes, “I love how you have this nice ass house at home but you’re much happier sleeping on a constrained bench in the airport.” I started laughing and go, “Yeah, apparently I like pretending to be homeless.” I sat with that thought and remembered how the idea of being homeless used to be my biggest fear in life and now, I have been getting the actual experience of it and have been having the time of my life.
I woke up to a cold water bottle placed in my shoe which brought about a huge smile. God bless the kindness of strangers. 🙏🏻 I brushed my teeth in the bathroom, worked on my Travel Blog and talked to a fellow traveler that was sitting beside me.
The other day I told my mom that I have been daydreaming about eating her home cooked meals. I was specifically craving Lithuanian potato pancakes with loads of sour cream and jam. She proceeded to tell me they bought a new potato masher just to make me some. It is moments like that when I see how much my family loves me.
When I made it home, I ate at least 60 potato pancakes and a side of filet mignon. I was eating with my hands like a ravenous animal. My mom looked petrified. 😂 She goes, “Honey, take your time. No one is going to steal your pancakes.” My Dad goes, “That’s what happens when you’ve been in the wild for several weeks.”