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Vidette Meadow to Suspension Bridge: Today we summited Glen Pass. The climb was harder than Forester, although less strenuous in elevation. We snapped our tramily photo and CTM made fun of me for hitting on the hott thru-hiker guys on top of the summit. I denied it and she goes, “You asked them to give you a slice of their salami and did full-blown yoga stretches in front of them… I have never in my life seen you stretch.”
Later, we skinny dipped in Rae Lakes and struck up a conversation with a hiker named Mr. Tidy. A rainbow streak formed over the lake for the rest of our lunch break, so us girls had a photoshoot underneath it. Once we dried up, we packed up our things and started to descend the mountain.
A big wave of energy hit me and I felt called to stay behind from the group. I had an emotional breakdown for several miles and felt I was unable to keep my composure. I found I had to take several breaks to sit in the dirt and cry.
I had a perception with one of my friends and the overall sense I experienced was feeling unloved and feeling as if my energy was “too much.” I talked it out with them and I felt as though a seed was being planted in my mind. As I was in the moment of justifying the feelings of upset, I noticed it felt completely untrue. I knew in my heart there was no justification for sadness. I felt the truth of that teaching even as the words that were coming out of my mouth were expressing the opposite. I saw clearly that if I kept blaming people for my feelings of dis-ease that it would hold me hostage to pain. Giving my power away was equivalent to making myself vulnerable in the world and to those around me. Regardless, it felt wholesome to talk out the perceptions, which as usual, turned out to be misperceptions.
I felt a clearing of energy and we happily finished our descent down the mountain, although several of us fell and rolled our ankles. Later, we ran into a man who offered to send us JMT finisher tags if we completed the trail!
We made it to the Suspension Bridge and looked for spots to set up camp. We cooled our feet in the river and filtered some water. Bubbly went to flirt with Mr. Tidy while I snuck pictures of her in action. When she came back, she gifted me a pinecone that I named Jeffrey and we had a photoshoot with him. Later, we took him up to Mo’s camp to join us for dinner.