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Evolution Lake to Muir Trail Ranch: Went back to the rock where Peter and I made love and saw blood splatters scattered throughout; smiled at the thought of last night’s play time.
Started making my way down to Muir Trail Ranch (MTR) and got offered fresh banana bread from a couple of day hikers. Section hikers always seem to have the best goodies.
About an hour later, Mo ran into me while I was having a break by the river. He was inordinately excited to tell me that he came up with a trail name for Peter. With a grin on his face he says, “Bloody Dick.” I started laughing so hard while simultaneously shaking my head in disapproval. I thought it was the most perfect trail name, but I told him he absolutely could not call him that. It was Peter’s first thru and he happened to be lucky enough to run into my tramily. So, of course I felt he would be traumatized from a future thru-hike after earning the name Bloody Dick. Mo goes, “Well, we could just shorten it to BD and leave it up for interpretation. Just tell him it stands for Big Dick, but the rest of us will know it’s really Bloody Dick!” I laughed and said, “Well, that name would definitely fit him as well.”
As we were in the middle of that discussion, Peter came down the hill and I shouted, “Ay! Speak of the devil…” I looked at Mo and said, “Don’t.” He laughed mischievously. Later on, he got the rest of the tramily on board to start calling him BD, while Peter would laugh along in confusion. I kept putting my head to my hand as I tried really hard to keep it together.
We got to MTR and everyone went to get their buckets of food that were shipped there through mule and boat. Bubbly was generous enough to add some delicious snacks and goodies in her bucket for me. We sprawled out on the dirt as we organized our meals. In the hiker box, I scored on someone’s homemade raspberry jam packed in a Nutella jar. We were in awe of how good it tasted and prayed we wouldn’t get food poisoning. I made a PB & J tortilla wrap as I used Bubbly’s thigh as a board.
Machine asked if anyone from the group wanted a shakedown and I go, “I don’t want a pat down, thanks!” I gasped and quickly covered my mouth. “I meant shakedown!!!” Mo laughed and said I experienced a Freudian slip and that I obviously had something else on my mind.
Later on, BD wrapped leuko tape around a PCT hiker’s foot after she rolled her ankle. I found it so beautiful as I watched the way he took care of those around him.
We went to set up camp and I invited BD to spend the night with me in my tent. He was happy to join. I set up our space and afterwards, we sat on the dirt and snuggled up. He told me he felt he figured out what BD meant and asked if it was Bloody Dick. My face turned red and I said yes. Turned out he had an awesome sense of humor. He actually found it hilarious and accepted the name!
Before sunset, we all got together and sat in a circle for dinner. While eating, Bubbly asked Mo, “What do you think of girls who have hummingbird tattoos?” Mo sits there in honest contemplation and says, “Well, I’d prefer if they had “SWALLOWS” written across their neck.” We sat in silence for a good five seconds until it hit us and we all shook our heads and proceeded to bust out laughing to the point of tears. You could always count on Mo to bring jokes every second of every day.
After dinner, I went off to climb up a hill so I could meditate and hold pinecones in my palms as the moon was making its rise. I felt I had to catch my breath for I could sense I was beginning to fall for BD.
When I came back down, we decided to venture to the hot springs with a few other hikers. We crossed a river by holding onto a thick piece of rope tied from one end to the other. We meandered through the meadow marshes and found a large hot spring, already pre-occupied by a couple of PCT hikers. We joined them, but it was extremely hot, so we only stayed for half an hour.
We got dressed, crossed the river and walked back to the camp. I immediately hopped into the tent and cocooned myself into my sleeping bag as I waited for some cuddles. BD squatted down beside the tent and I watched him light his joint. He looked so beautiful under the flickering glow of his lighter. I grew fond of him… a work of art that I got the honor to taste and experience in the flesh.