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MM 2617.3: I saw a bear!!! Well, actually, I saw two in the matter of one minute! The first one was a grizzly cub’s butt running away. I tried to get a better look at it by following it into the woods but had no luck. Afterwards, I saw a big black bear standing about ten feet in front of me. It promptly ran away, too.
I was beginning to turn into a conspiracy theorist, similar to the “birds aren’t real” movement. Everyone around me was seeing bears except for me, so I started claiming that bears didn’t exist. And then, BAM! I always wondered how I would react upon seeing one and I was just absolutely mesmerized. I wasn’t scared in the slightest, I just stared and appreciated the sight for as long as I could have it upon my presence. Just moments away from that experience, I saw a heavy built moose with velvet antlers! I thought to myself how I would score right now if I was a hunter.
Got off at MacDonald Pass and decided to hitch out to Bozeman to see my friend Sherbet. I got picked up by a guy named Josh who said he had nothing better to do so he decided to give me a lift to Bozeman. He was a retired investigator and claimed he knew two serial killers. He built a fence for Ted Kaczynski when he was a kid and then saw his face in the newspaper years later. He also knew a serial killer who made chili soup out of human meat and said he hasn’t been able to eat chili since the 90s.
Sherbet was still at work when I made it to Bozeman, so she gave me her address to take a shower and do laundry. I also got to take a much needed nap. When she arrived home, we went out for a juicy burger and caught up on trail stories. Afterwards, we made a hot fudge brownie sundae with mint cookie chunk ice cream and whipped cream. As I was covering it with chocolate fudge, I whispered, “All the thru-hikers are energetically jealous right now.”