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MM 2743.8: The moment I made it to the trailhead and got ready to put my thumb out to hitch a ride, the famous trail angel named Dan pulled up and asked if I wanted a ride into town. He dropped off several NOBO hikers and had me get in. He says, “I’ll give you a tour of Augusta. It’s about a four block long tour.” He had a great sense of humor and we hit it off right off the bat.
When we arrived to Augusta, he took me to the post office to pick up my package that my trail angel sent me. He asked if I was hungry and I said yes, so he dropped me off at a bar in the center of town. As soon as I walked in, I saw a room full of hiker trash. First person I saw was America! I excitedly went in for a hug. I hiked a good chunk of New Mexico with him and hadn’t seen him since Chama!
After I ate, Dan dropped me off at his home where he was hosting a bunch of hikers for the night. I spent time chatting with people, catching up on my blog and doing my laundry. Then, I walked around the small town of Augusta. He wasn’t kidding when he said it was only four blocks. I got to see policemen blocking off the neighborhood because of a bear that was in someone’s tree. I was more distracted by the policemen in their uniforms than the bear.
Later at night, I found myself sitting on a fence looking at the sunset behind the mountain range. I called Mo because I felt really down. I was experiencing writers block due to going through a feeling of heartbreak about a past lover. I expressed how difficult it felt to invoke the feelings I had for him just to get the content out. This person and I no longer talked. I often felt victimized if an ex claimed he couldn’t be friends with me after an apparent break-up. I found it easy to recognize that if it didn’t work out romantically, we could still be mature enough to be friends. Mo called me out and told me I was making up stories and assumptions up about this past lover instead of communicating to the person directly. He gave me a new perspective alongside with making jokes to get me to start laughing. I was quick to realize all was well and there was nothing to fret about for it was all in my hands. Mo always knew how to make a situation feel light. I felt deep gratitude for such a friendship. It was true how people said, “Tramily is forever.”
Afterwards, I spoke to Quadzilla over a phone call and found myself laughing with him as well. It was always wholesome to hear his voice and to hear of his latest adventures on trail. He asked if I had any dirty tales to share and I immediately became giddy. I realized how much I loved sharing dirty stories with men about other men. I loved when they knew how many people I fucked, the naughty stuff I did and desired to do. The best part was when they got turned on by my stories or even angry that they weren’t there to join… so angry that maybe they would eventually take it out on me.