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MM 2760.8: Yesterday, when I made it to Dan’s, I asked if he would be open to trade a macramé piece in place for me spending the night. I had the money, but ever since Hawaii, I felt inspired to get back into bartering. It felt more fun to me than giving or receiving money. I noticed he was a bit skeptical at first, as some people were when it came to bartering. But, by the next day he was asking to trade my salami for a ride back to the trailhead.
I hung out with Info as he was getting his resupply situated. He said to me, “If you don’t eat an entire pack of gummy bears a day then what’s the point of living.” The “pack” of gummy bears he had was enough for eight people.
Dan drove us back to the trailhead and he began to open up to me. He expressed how he used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but eventually realized he preferred a minimalistic lifestyle. He realized money did not equate happiness and that he would much rather be hanging out with the hiker trash as he shuttled them around.
Leapfrog’d with hikers all day: Info, Milk Man, Juniper, Gump and America. We all camped together and eventually Mozey, Ladybug and Wind Chime joined. The boys made us a fire and we all gathered for a meal.
I opened my vestibule and girl-talked with Juniper. I told her how cool it was to see her and her husband, Gump, in such a healthy relationship. I told her I was happy for her to have found such a solid relationship. The way they moved with one another and the way in which they communicated was interlaced with so much love and compassion. Just like best friends, they were always laughing and having fun.
I knew I was notoriously known to go for married guys, but I didn’t even feel a twinge of desire to flirt. I could just tell Gump wasn’t the type of guy to even entertain the idea. At the same time, I grew incredibly fond of Juniper. I knew in my heart that I would prefer to choose true connection over a sexual one any day, yet sometimes I got ahead of myself and acted on impulses. I appreciated being in the presence of those who inspired me to choose differently.