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(X-rated) MM 2859.7: Took the Kitchen Alternate to the highway. From there I hitched to Looking Glass Hostel in East Glacier. I felt as though I was in hiker heaven from the moment I arrived. The owners of the place completely trusted us hikers to pay at our own time. The options were to send them money via online payment or pay cash whenever we felt like it. They had trust for us because it was, we hikers, who kept the place running.
I had been telling people the entire thru-hike how cool it would have been to run into a Lithuanian person because I missed connecting with my culture. About an hour into my stay at the hostel, I met a guy named Leftovers who had an accent that sounded too close to home. Yep, Lithuanian!!! He proceeded to tell me there was even an entire group of Lithuanians that worked at the restaurant next door. Leftovers and I went to hang out with them! They were doing a work travel program and chose that area. They invited me over for drinks once they got off their shift. I often felt odd telling people I didn’t drink because, as my family put it, “You’re not a true Lithuanian if you don’t drink.”
When I got back to the hostel—to my surprise—Lemonhope had arrived. I got excited to see him so I sat on the carpet next to him. I told him how much fun I had with him on the summer solstice. He said it was nice to see that I wasn’t just a forest pixie that he met in the woods for a night and that I actually existed. I asked if I could spend the night with him again and he said yes, that I was allowed to come over wheeeeneeeever I wanted to.
We went to the building next door to do our laundry. He leaned me against the machine and started kissing me. I hopped up, wrapped my legs around him and let him bite my neck. He pulled my hair, took my hand down to his cock and let me feel his girth. I was eager knowing I was going to get to play with the biggest cock I had ever experienced all over again. As we were leaving the laundry room, he demanded I behave. I told him, “You can’t just feel me up like that and expect me to behave.” My eyes lit up with excitement for what was to come.
A group of us decided to wait in line for some Mexican food, we were told it was worth it. Large portion sizes, overflowing tacos, strong margaritas, all made the hikers very happy.
Later on, I got to meet the trail famous, Diva! He was just as spunky, colorful and energetic as all of his comments on Guthooks. It was as though he was made of glitter. He wore a gold crown celebrating his completion of the Triple Crown! All of the hikers were mesmerized by his accomplishment. Triple Crowners were the kings and queens of the hiker community.
Later at night, I met a guy named Knee Melter. He offered I share a seat with him since all the seats around the table were taken. I gladly accepted. Naturally, the side of our butt cheeks kissed, as did our shoulders. I loved people who were open to breaking physical barriers right away. It made me feel as though my love language was being heard and reciprocated.
Knee Melter was super childlike and playful. Young, only 30. He said he heard about me, specifically about Ash and I. It always turned me on when people heard/talked of my dirty adventures.
He asked if I wanted to step outside of the noise, so we sat on the bench and enjoyed the crisp air. The quiet didn’t last long, as all the hikers decided to start jamming out and singing “Rockin’ in the Free World.” We found the ambience adorable. I found myself opening up to Knee Melter, for he was very receptive and kind. I felt so comfortable around his presence. He was also a writer and gave me helpful perspectives about writing a memoir.
He invited me into his cabin to play. I was upfront and told him I had already planned to spend the night with Lemonhope. He smiled… said he wanted to get a taste of me first. He promised to release me after we had our fun.
He playfully guided me to his cabin and started cuddling me, which quickly turned to kissing. I loved the way he tasted… electric. He knew just the way I desired to be touched… intuitive. He lifted up my white knitted sweater and started sucking on my nipples while slowly pressing his bulge into my thigh. I could feel how big and hard he was for me.
I took my shorts off and he began fingering me, knowing we didn’t have much time. He made his way down to my pussy so he could get a taste of me. We were in a bunk bed so it was a super tight squeeze, just the way I liked it. As he was eating me out, I could feel how much he was salivating which turned me on even more. He pinned my wrist down, placing it behind my head… he slid his fingers in, this time deeper… I rotated my hips into him, moaning and grinding at every insertion.
Now, I wanted to have my fun with him. Wasn’t surprised to find he had a massive cock which barely fit in my mouth. He had that kind of energy about him. I got on top of him and rode him… we listened to the sounds of my pussy as I released my juices all over him. He started fucking me hard, his head tilting back in pleasure… I got watch his face as he came inside of me, instantly making me cum with him.
He smiled and released me to my other lover. Lemonhope had a cowboy camp set up for us—surrounded by a bunch of tents—perfect setting for me. I always fantasized about someone masturbating to the sound of my slight moans. It would be even hotter if they came out and joined, showing me how much we turned them on.
Anyway, I couldnt even take Lemonhope balls deep. Every time he tried thrusting a couple of inches deeper I would lose complete control of my body’s contractions and impulses. He told me to go easy on him because I was full blown shaking from his cock… heated, soaking wet for him… he could no longer hold himself. He asked me where I wanted him to cum. That was always my favorite question for I knew it was time for dessert soon. I wanted him to unload all over my ass so I could sleep with his cum soaking into my skin.
Shortly after he came, he fingered me and told me I was so wet. “All for you,” I said mischievously. I was lucky enough to have him come all over my ass a second time.