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(X-rated) September 11, 2022: In a couple of hours, I was on my way out of East Glacier with the Lithuanians I met a few days prior. They offered me a ride to Yellowstone which would get me much closer to Pinedale, WY.
As I waited for them to get off their shift, I got together with some thru-hiker guys. We went to grab a bite to eat at Whistle Stop. I got to spend time with Squints, whom I hadn’t seen since New Mexico!! Since the moment I met him I felt super attracted to him, but it didn’t feel in alignment to make a move. So, instead, I insinuated my fantasies for him through my eyes and some light flirtation.
While at the restaurant, I noticed how much I enjoyed being surrounded my male energy. I dreamt about all of the guys just taking me right at that moment and fucking me on the table in public. Or at the very least, being touched by each of them secretly under the table. I dreamt and dreamt.
Knee Melter finally got to East Glacier after hitchhiking for 24 hours with no luck. I saw him walking towards the restaurant and I ran up in excitement to greet him with a hug and a kiss. I loved the energy we held between one another. Magnetic, powerful, enhancing. Instant connection from the moment we first saw each other.
Later, I sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around him. I playfully kissed his neck and told him how good of a girl I was while I waited for him. There was a moment when I was hiking in Glacier and he said if I got to town before him, that I had better keep my legs shut because he called first dibs. I absolutely LOVED when a man acted demanding and possessive, strictly in a sexual sense. It made me automatically submit to his command.
He didn’t shower for several days, knowing how much I loved his pheromones. He called me a dirty little freak for being into that. I bit my lip… salivating. I told him I had 30 minutes before I had to leave to Yellowstone.
He smiled and lead me to his room. The moment we walked in, we went into character. He sat in the chair and told me to get on my knees, commanding I take my shirt off… then, my shorts. Bending me over his lap, he started spanking me. Slowly rubbing my clit, he watched the way my body flushed for him… teasingly sliding his fingers inside of me, embodying a state of dominant control. I was a slave to his touch… he knew damn well that he owned me.
Then, he removed his shorts and told me to tease his cock. I sucked on him slowly, telling him there was no way I could fit his cock down my throat. He said, “Try harder,” and slapped me… demanded I had to work for it.
He said first he wanted to cum on my face and in my mouth… and only then, would he fuck me. So, I got on my knees as he stood above me. His hot, juicy cum shot up and over my head—covered my entire face—went down my throat. I tried to keep up with swallowing as he continued to unload all over my tits, hair, eyelashes… and then, he pushed me down to the floor to eat me out… the remnants of his cum running down the sides of my body like candle wax poured upon my skin.
He made me suck on his cock again… deeper… throat fucking me until I gagged. Sliding his raw cock into my warm pussy… my nails dug into his back as I moaned in pure ecstasy.
Midway into fucking me, he decided he wanted to take a piss on me. He asked if I was ready to drink it. I bit my lip and said, “Yes.” He stood above me like an authority figure and started releasing himself. I opened my throat and started gulping his piss. It began pouring from the corners of my mouth as I released a smile.
I opened my body up for him to let him pee on my chest and stomach. I felt it dripping through my hair… behind my neck and down my spine. I was completely degraded and disrespected, my favorite way to be. He pushed me back down and continued to fuck me, now my body fully covered in his cum and piss. The carpet, too.
He demanded I get on top. Twisting my nipples as I rode him, we pierced each other’s eyes with sharp lust. He thrusted balls deep and said, “I know how much you love being a dirty little slut.” I smiled—couldn’t deny that. I started drooling as he told me every detail of what he wanted to do to me. He said he was going to fuck me doggy style and I told him I couldn’t with him because his dick was too big and it would hurt. He told me I didn’t have a choice and that he would do with me what he wanted to.
My pussy throbbed at his dominance. He turned me around, spread my legs open and started fucking me from behind. My knees were getting rug burn from the carpet as he was thrusting. He shoved my face into the carpet, fucking me harder. We didn’t use either one of the beds whatsoever. Just crammed up on the floor and against the walls.
Sequoia knocked on the door as we were both catching our breath. She told me my Lithuanian friend was looking for me. Still sweating, I quickly got dressed and attempted to fix my hair. I gave Knee Melter a kiss and said goodbye to the rest of my friends.
With the Lithuanians, I rode down to Yellowstone. We stopped around 2am and fell asleep in the car. I was so tired at that point that anything would do.