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(X-rated; name of hostel/people has been changed) January 25, 2024:
I wish I allowed myself to feel satisfied by how much cock I received, how many men pleasured me and how many times I made myself cum, but it seemed I was an insatiable woman. This morning I was in need of Elias’s morning wood. He was the one that would give it to me quickest and the closest in my vicinity.
Him still deep in sleep, I decided to enter into his dreams. Ever so gently, I placed my leg over his crotch, adding pressure into his bulge. I felt him throb just once which made my pussy pulse and legs squeeze in dire need. I grabbed at his skin, breathing heavily, feeling the way my body grew hot against his. He woke up out of his dream state to find me grinding on his upper thigh. I let out a hot breath on his neck. I was long ready for him.
He sleepily began to work his hand around my breast, then the other down my panties. He seemed completely unfazed by the fact he had to move through my blood drenched pad. It turned me on that he didn’t give two fucks. Instead, he went in, fully finger fucking me as I bit his arm to hold back my moans.
His strong cock pressed up against my ass, thrusting into me back and forth. He removed his hand and I began sucking on his fingers, the ones he just had in my bloody pussy, showing him how drool covered my mouth was and soon would be all over his cock.
He didn’t want to fuck me in the room, claiming that we were surrounded by glass windows. I rolled my eyes.
“Shower?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said, excited by anything at this point.
He walked in and shook his head ‘no’ after seeing all of the people. Every shower was taken. We tried again ten minutes later and still the same case.
“Move ze sex for later?” he asked.
I was fuming. I hated being told I would get cock and then not receive it. I wanted him then and there and for him to make it happen regardless of the circumstances.
“We could just lay in bed some more,” he said.
I blinked twice and hesitatingly got back into his bed. He continued to finger fuck me but it wasn’t enough.
I turned around to face him and said, “Listen. I need to be fucked. Right now. Anywhere, just do it here.”
We got up a third time and he finally snuck me into the shower. I was giddy as he placed the condom on, then turned me around to fuck me doggy style. I shoved my ass into him, wanting him to go deeper… harder. He took his cock out to adjust it then held it tight at the base so he wouldn’t cum right away. He slapped my ass until I cried out and bent over further for him, arching my back while doing so.
He placed his hand on the shower wall for balance, leaving a trace of bloody handprints, my ass cheeks printed as well. I watched as the crimson color slithered down the side of my leg. I started to grow faint and nearly fell over from a heat flash that rippled through me. He put me on the bench then rammed me, watching my face intently until he came inside of me. It was all so fast, but at least I felt momentarily relieved. The anxiety in my mind eased down a notch.
I went back to the room and saw the French guy casually doing push-ups and sit-ups on the floor. All I could think about was sucking his cock. He looked so delicious as I watched the way his muscles throbbed. I flirted with him while Elias was in the room. I could tell he was put off guard, especially after having just fucked me, but he should have known who he was dealing with.
The following day, I moved over to Lily’s hostel that was a more on the outskirts of town. I had heard awesome things about the place. It was more of a home stay versus a hostel, for it was actually the woman’s own home. She allowed all kinds of travelers stay, but preferred to have it only be TA hikers.
I planned to stay for a couple of nights and would be sharing a dorm room with Hurricane and Kasper. Lenses showed up in the early evening then we took the bikes out to town to get some pizza and catch up on girl talk.
As we were riding, she says, “You look vedy cool as a hiker, but as a biker… vedy bad.”
To be fair, the handle bars were way in front of my chest which caused me to have unnaturally straight posture.
As we went out to dinner, she had mentioned that she hooked up with Ben over their trip, sharing that they kissed a lot in his tent. She appeared smitten and I cried from joy I was so excited for them. I was happy I didn’t hike with them and gave them space for their trail romance to unfold.
She asked about my recent German lover
and I told her how good he fucked me. She was happy to hear.
“How long?” she asked.
“Mm, I’d say about this big,” I said as I gestured the length of his dick.
She started laughing and said, “Nooo, how long did he last?”
“Ohhh,” I said, busting out laughing. “Five minutes.”
“Oh, perfect fo you!”
“Yes, perfect, and many times a day,” I said. “You can meet him today!”
We stopped at the grocery store and she got a wine for herself and Ben. She tried shoving it in the water bottle compartment with no luck. Surprise surprise. Then, we cruised over to the Holiday Park to meet up with Elias and some hiker friends of hers. He said he would be there in ten minutes, but ended up being well over an hour late. At that point, I didn’t even wait. It was an automatic turn off for me when people didn’t take my time seriously. I was drawn to people who followed through with what they said.
We went back to Lily’s and I hung out with my roommates. They told me there was a young guy who would be staying in our bunk room for the night.
“Is he cute?” I asked Hurricane.
“Eh, he’s not my type. Average, I would say, but I’m sure you’ll find him hot.”
I went to brush my teeth and came back to the room to find a tall, heavy built guy standing next to his bed. He was young, didn’t look much older than 21.
“Hey, I’m William,” he said in an English accent.
“Hi, I’m Freyja,” I said, giving him a side smirk.
He had bleach blonde hair and stood 6’3”. He was a personal trainer who had come to spend some time with his family for a couple of weeks.
“I’ve only been here for a few hours,” he said, “I just landed.”
Mm, I should make him feel welcome.
He took his shirt off as he planned to go shower. My eyes widened and I looked over to Hurrricane and mouthed “oh my god.” She started talking about something, but I was completely distracted by his appearance as her words went into a blur.
He left the room and Hurricane goes, “I feel like that last minute I was just having a conversation with myself.”
He kept checking on the bathrooms but they were all still taken. I hoped they would stay that way a bit longer because it gave me more time to look at his defined pecs. Elias had messaged me apologizing profusely for being over an hour late to meet up with me. I shut my phone off then went into the dark corridor with William. He kept the conversation in a nice flow with me while I on the other hand, was staring at him impolitely, making it obvious I was completely drooling over his appearance.
“You’re so tall,” I said, gently touching his shoulder as if he was a mannequin and I was appreciating his sculpted form.
“Really? Ya think so?” he asked.
“Very much, you’re quite distracting to look at,” I said.
He apologized for unintentionally diverting my attention with his looks, then opened the door to the bathroom to go take a shower. I nearly followed him in there, but instead told him I would be in the lounge area.
“I’ll meet ya there in five minutes,” he said.
I got cozy and he came in a few minutes later then sat on the couch across from mine. As usual, I patted the seat cushion next to me, inviting him to sit close to me and letting him know I wasn’t dangerous.
He sat close to me and mimicked my body language. He was flirty yet there appeared to be some nervousness on his end. I grabbed his hand to look at his bracelets. There was one he had been trying to untie but had no luck in doing so.
“Can you help take it off me?” he asked.
“Most definitely,” I said with a smile.
I took his hand, flipped it upside down so his wrist was facing up, then with my mouth attempted to break apart the knot. As I was doing that he took notice to my macramé rings, then the conversation led to what I did for a living and my writing was brought up.
“What do ya write about?” he asked.
I looked away and laughed. “My niche is eroticism.”
He was really adamant about wanting to know more and asked for the most detailed crazy story I could think of on the spot, so I shared a piss fetish experience that I felt worked as a nice warm up. He slicked his hair back when I shared the small tidbit, his eyes widening and his brows forming with perspiration.
My chin rested elegantly on my fingers. “You sure you can handle this?” I asked.
“Yes yes, I’m open,” he said, “I’ve just neva heard a girl openly speak like this and be so forward.” He wiped the sweat off his brow. “Please, continue.”
The more I shared, the more he would perspire, revealing through his body language that he felt uneasy, yet he kept voicing that he wanted to know.
“What do ya like in bed?” he asked. “How do you prefer to be treated sexually?”
I made a long pause before I said, “Why don’t I show you?”
He bit his lip, then moved in slowly and began french kissing me. I let him touch me and grab at my body wherever he pleased. I loved feeling his nervousness yet courage to make such bold moves on me.
He leaned his body weight over me, began grinding himself on me, showing me that he could dominate me when it came down to it. I grew excited when I felt how hard he was for me, his cock bulging on my inner thigh. I mounted him then began teasing myself as I rubbed my clit up and down his shaft.
“I wanna piss on you right now,” he said as he looked up at me. “I’ve never tried it before.”
“Mm, I’d love for you to do that,” I said.
He was completely out of his comfort zone, but he really wanted to level up to what I was used to. I looked down at him, in sweet awe of his innocence. He saw it in my eyes that I didn’t think he was cut out for the chase, so he wrapped his hand around my neck and pressed his fingers tight.
“I’m going to fuck you so good,” he said, “I’m going to make you take all of this cock.”
I felt him pulse between the clothing fabric that was blocking us. I moaned in anticipation. I moved my hips toward my heels, then went to anxiously pull his cock out—but first, I noticed there was a faint light still on in the kitchen. I peeked around the corner to find there was someone just on the other side of the wall. I looked back at William and started to undo his pants. Then, I turned around my other shoulder to see if there was anyone else in our general vicinity. I looked back at him as I wrapped my fingers around his heated shaft. I cupped his balls in my other hand and watched the way he looked at me in disbelief at how naughty I was.
His cock now throbbing red with veins and my mouth drooling wet with anticipation, I leaned down towards it and began to blow him in secret. It wasn’t that secretive, we were surrounded by windows and doors in every direction. Anyone could walk in on us at any moment, but I was so drunk on the thought of tasting his cock that I couldn’t think about anything else.
I sucked on him for a few minutes, feeling my pussy spilling out with juices. I wanted to feel him inside of me. I looked up at him with pleading eyes, then deep throated him one last time. I timed it perfectly to take his cock out of my mouth just as the man in the kitchen came out from around the corner and decided to go to bed.
“Goodnight,” I said to him sweetly as I wiped my mouth.
Then, I led William towards the sink, hidden just slightly by the darkness.
“What are you doing?” he asked. “Right here?What if some—“
I got down on my knees and started pulling down his briefs.
“Fuck—“ he moaned, attempting to come back to reality as best he could.
“Uh-uh-uh,” he said, “you have to wait until tomorrow.”
What? Why was he making me wait?
His cock was raging hard and ready. I was feeling extremely teased, nearly begging him to fuck me at this point. I gave him sad eyes and curled my bottom lip.
“That’s not gonna work on me,” he said.
“You know I get pretty angry if you tease me too much,” I said.
“Oh is that so?” he combatted, completely unfazed by my threat.
He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back up as he leaned me back onto the kitchen counter, telling me to envision myself receiving the tip of his cock.
Experiencing it is better than visualizing it, I thought to myself.
He began masturbating which naturally caused my pussy to throb. I loved when a guy jerked his cock, especially when he used my body as inspiration.
“Yeah,” I moaned, “I love watching you jerk off for me.”
Something about the motion of a man stroking himself made me drip. I could just watch a man do that for a couple of minutes and I would be completely soaked without having even touched myself.
I lifted my shirt to reveal my bare tits, heavy and needy for him. He groaned as he groped them and went in for a sharp bite around my nipple. I could feel he was going to cum soon, but I didn’t want him to waste it on my clothes or stomach. I pulled him into my naked body and stuck my tongue down his throat.
“Cum on my face,” I said, my mouth muffling over his as I cupped his balls more firmly.
He stepped back, I got on my knees, my pussy throbbing with fierce intensity. I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out. I looked up at him in a way that expressed I was absolutely famished. Within a couple of seconds he started cumming, his hot juicy load shooting onto my tongue and cheeks, dripping down my chin. I quickly grabbed it and licked it up when it started slipping off my face. Then, I licked his cock clean along with his hands that had a good amount on it. I was so turned on and wanted him more than ever now.
“What the fuck just happened,” he said as his vision started to recenter on me.
I giggled, loving so much that I got his cum, then I walked to my room and went to bed. No point in talking after the fact it was over.